Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm a burnt out working mom...can you relate?

Today I received my first shipment of TrueStar vitamins... this is the catalyst for the creation of this, my first ever blog!

Let me back up for a moment.  I am 42 years old, married to my husband Anthony for 6.5 years, have a son Myles who just turned 6 and a daughter Charlotte who will be 4 next month.  I am also the Director of Marketing for a company called Mayfair Tech Inc.  (we do muscle toning, calorie burning shapewear, tights and apparel - if you're interested, check out ShaToBu - "shape", "tone" "burn"). 

I wake up at 5am every day Monday through Friday to workout.  I drop off my daughter at day care at 7:15am and get to the office at 7:40am.  I leave at 4 and rush home to pick up my daughter (thankfully my son's school is 1/2 block from our house), feed them dinner, give them baths, have some cuddle time, put them to bed at 7:30 and then collapse in front of the TV.  I have chronic back pain that I am finally trying to treat with a chiropractor after suffering for many years.  Are you tired yet just listening to me?  I'm pretty certain that there are many other women out there like me.  Time keeps flying by and I am always tired!

So at my last visit to the chiropractor (who scolded me for shovelling snow this past weekend and further messing up my back) I complained over how burnt out I am and not really seeing an end in sight.  He asked me if I take vitamins and when I said yes, he asked what kind.  I was taking Centrum (the version that's supposed to give you more energy) and Calcium (history of osteoporosis in my family).  He told me there is a book that is published every year that rates the vitamins on the market and that Centrum is pretty much crap.  I asked him which ones actually ranked at the top every year and he suggested TrueStar. 

The TrueStar website is really cool.  When I first went on it had me take a very thorough questionnaire to find out exactly my issues and concerns.  Of course, the list that popped up of suggested vitamins was a little overwhelming, but I decided on the True Basics Plus for women (the optimal wellness pack) and True Energy (supposed to help with stress and fatigue).  I'm told that it may take a few weeks to actually feel different, but I'm game!  Did I mention... these are NOT cheap.  But if it can significantly change the quality of my life, I'm game to try.  I bought enough for 3 months.  I figured that this would give me a really good trial period (and they had a special - buy 2 of the same, get the 3rd free).

So why the blog?  Well, I thought if I'm feeling this way, that there are probably many more working moms out there who are also trying to deal with the stresses of work and a demanding career, raising small children, maintaining a happy, healthy marriage, managing their homes, trying to exercise and eat healthy, and even trying to find a little "me" time. 

My goals is to find other women like me so we can help each other with tips and suggestions, sound off to one another and just feel like I'm not alone in this... so welcome to the Working Mom Burnout Blog!

P.S. I'll keep you posted on how the vitamins work!


  1. Great Post Jacqueline - Keep it up!

  2. Ok, took the True Energy vitamin pack about an hour ago... I think I feel more energized... no wait, maybe that's the adrenalin rush of creating my own blog!

  3. Will definitely follow!! If these work for you I'll order too!

  4. Scoop Cafe needs you!:) Let's "link up" Scoop has like minded mom's for sure! Good Luck!
    I find wine is the best vitamin but that's just me :)When are we having some together!?

  5. Sounds great to me - let me know how to link up and I'm there! I'm with you on that wine... the only problem is now that age is creeping on me, the mornings are not quite what they used to be after a glass or two LOL! But I'm definitely in for a glass together - let's pick a night and just do it!