Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dealing with Gastro In The House!

There's nothing worse than being at the office and seeing the daycare's number flash on your phone.  Your stomach drops and you're filled with dread. You know that 99% of the time that it's not going to be good news.  And I love how they start the call with pleasantries "How are you?".  How do you think  I am... you're calling me at work which means something is wrong!  So of course without answering the question I respond "What's wrong?'  To the dreaded response... "Your daughter has been crying since she woke up from her nap and just threw up everywhere, all over herself.  How fast can you get here?".  Crap, Friday at 3:25pm and I work far from home/daycare - you know traffic will probably be bad and it will be a super long mental drive until you can get there and offer some mommy comfort.  Luckily, the traffic gods were with me yesterday and I made it in 20 minutes - record breaking! Of course when I got there she was crying and looked absolutely pitiful.

We did get the notice the day before about gastro going around the daycare... but you just cross your fingers and pray your child will escpae this round.  Gastro is the worst - mainly because you know that it will most like filter through the rest of the house.  Not to mention the grossness and messiness of it all.  But I do have this down pat after having some practice...

Here's the trick in avoiding running to the toilet and usually not making it, or worse, vomit in the bed.  I take the largest stainless steel bowl in the house, line it with paper towel, and put it right next to them.  The paper towel avoids any potential "splashing" and makes clean up much easier (just slide it all into the trash).  So far, since instituting this process, we have luckily had no accidents to clean up.  And, there is almost always enough times between throw ups to clean and re-line the bowl.

So here's keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of us escape unscathed this weekend.  But on the bright side, if I catch it, it will jump start a new diet LOL.  Always gotta look on the bright side ;-)

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