Thursday, February 10, 2011

Date Nights With My Husband - Part 2

So apparently my earlier post today needs some further clarification.  Firstly, "date night " = "sex". So now that we have that cleared up...

My husband wanted me to explain that one of the reasons date night works for me as the woman/wife is because he gets the best of me when he gives to me.  So on date night, he helps me relax and switch from "working mom" mode to "mistress mode" by giving me a wonderful neck, shoulder & head massage.  Yes, I know I am extremely lucky and I really, really appreciate it.  Thanks honey!  So his point, to address the anonymous comment on my earlier post, is that if the wife got something special from the husband, and the husband got great sex in return, then maybe he would only want to seek his "outside interests/hobbies" on non-date nights.  So find something you both need fulfilled, be kind to one another, and perhaps it will create some magic for the two of you.

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